Dreamers United’s purpose is to provide Youth Empowerment through Education, Sports and Community Engagement. Through the sponsorship of after-school tutoring, recreational sports and community development, Dreamers United aims to instill a strong foundation of giving and service to our local communities by engaging travelers from across the world with the beautiful children of Colombia.

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Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development program is designed to ignite a generation of creative change-makers with the power to transform lives. Our aim is to create a safe and supportive environment where transformative learning and collaboration can take place – regardless of differences in age, ethnicity or economic background.

Research shows that creative expression, in a supportive setting—nurtures qualities like empathy, teamwork, and problem solving - all essential for positive youth development, academic achievement, and workplace success.

While our curriculum focuses on youth as leaders, it is ultimately about creating lasting social change. Leadership development is not an end but a means to participation in and the creation of a more just and equitable society. One in which youth are valued and have the opportunity to be productive and connected citizens who make meaningful contributions – now and throughout their adult lives.

Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement program is designed to empower youth to change their community. The curriculum involves empowering young adolescents in conceiving, planning, and carrying out community change projects. Focuses on developing leadership skills, community pride, cultural identity, program planning, and resource mobilization.

Youth-led community change projects we plan on participating in include: cleaning up neighborhoods, creating murals, planting community gardens, or building playgrounds.

Current Projects

Dreamers United plans to make significant contributions to Mamatoco Park - located directly across the street from Dreamer Santa Marta. Goals for 2018 include, building a community garden, improving the Church Gazebo, repaving the basketball court and sponsoring monthly activities such as BBQ’s & soccer tournaments.

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The benefits of sports and teamwork in the development of childhood success are widely known. Given the love of soccer embedded deep into the Colombian culture, we thought there would be a good place to start. We are currently hosting soccer matches once a week for children in our local communities. We provide jerseys, food and drinks as well as a friendly environment for the local kids to show off their skills against the usually far inferior Dreamer volunteers ; )